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Baku Mechanization-1 works since 1958. The main task of this organization is the help in construction civil and industrial targets, and also skyscraper housing houses. In Baku Mechanization-1 is available all technics necessary for civil work. Besides it all also is made necessary concrete units. A result of extensive work of establishment became a recognition of Baku Mechanization-1 one of the largest establishments of all Southern Caucasus. Owing to the big importance of Baku Mechanization-1 up to disorder of USSR on a straight line was in submission of Moscow.

After disorder of USSR, Baku Mechanization-1 became the Open Joint-stock company.

The Vice-president is Emin Balamirza oglu Zeynalov. The Fixed capital of Establishment makes more than 10 million dollars С.Ш.А. We render high service both local, and to the foreign organizations.

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